Saturday, August 19, 2006

A MAN amongst many men

A real man amongst men, Captain Vinod Nair the man who has helped us find our paths and teaches us to constantly expand our potential: Priya Singh, Sheetal and Ajay Bhardwaj (call us team crikettt!!). This gentleman entered Mumbai city with almost nothing 10 years ago. Today, virtually everyone knows him. He's a case study of success against all odds combined with a sense of social responsibility that few of us are blessed with.

For those of us who have met him personally, it’s an experience every time; you can’t help but be touched by him in some way. Which ever side of the coin you stand on, we all agree on one thing: You can hate him or you can love him but you just cannot ignore him!

Just like his stature and place in the limelight, the curiosity surrounding him also seems to be growing. There’s also a lot of speculation about him. Some of the stories circulating about him are grossly exaggerated border on the ridiculous (in a good and bad way). Since we've associated with him closely for years, we set up this blog with a few clear objectives. They are:

1. Explore the how and what of his success story.
2. Attempt to answer questions that people may have about him.
3. Share your experience of knowing him.

So all you captain lovers and haters out there, feel free to post your thoughts and questions right here on this page. For those who have not yet interacted with him, you could visit to fulfil your curiosity.

PS - Anyone who knows Captain will understand the lil humor in us naming ourselves team crickett :-)

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